Dreams in the Void

Dreams in the Void contains both volumes of the Deep Water duology in a revised edition. Formerly published as Bloodstone and A Whisper in the Void, the epic story is now a single volume.


Something evil stirs in the heart of the island nation of Tesaria. One night, Jeren Dekembri has a terrible dream in which he is floating deep underwater, tormented by violent thoughts but unable to move. The village loremaster warns him that such dreams are a bad omen, and soon enough Jeren's whole life is turned upside down. After surviving a horrifying encounter with dark magic, Jeren finds himself on the run, desperately fleeing to safety with a young woman, Aleas Theel, at his side. But there is no safe place left in Tesaria, for a dangerous power has awakened, and soon all people must fall before it.


"It works very well. As the story progresses it feels more and more like a dream, like reality is slipping away. It reads more and more like an actual dream. About half way through the book my brain started coming up with my own theories as to what was happening. My pace of reading accelerated as I tried to figure out the final explanation."    --Blogger Tim Dudek


Available for Kindle and in Trade Paperback!




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