The Deep Water Duology

The Deep Water Duology
A tale of epic fantasy, dangerous magic, and a desperate quest!

A shared dream has begun to trouble the people of Tesaria, a dream of deep water, a dream of suffering. The loremasters say it is a bad omen, but no one knows its origin or its meaning.

In the midst of this uncertainty, the Elite Guard of King Helathius begin rampaging through the mountain villages, seeking a stolen artifact. After a tragic encounter, a young man and woman--Jeren, son of a village patriarch, and Aleas, a merchant's daughter--find themselves on a desperate flight for their lives into the lowlands, seeking a safe place to hide.

But there is nowhere to run, for a dreadful power is at work in the heart of the nation, and no one can hide from the time of cataclysm that approaches.

Book One: Bloodstone for BookBaby, Kindle, and Nook

Book Two: A Whisper in the Void for BookBaby, Kindle and Nook 

Reviewers have said, "Miller's writing is clear and descriptive without being overcooked...very nice," "well-written and kept my attention," "The plot of this novel moves along well, and the author can write...Miller’s prose is clear and clean; the actual writing, and not only the characters and plot, make the book enjoyable."

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