The Deep Water Duology

The Deep Water Duology
A tale of epic fantasy, dangerous magic, and a desperate quest!

Something dreadful stirs in the heart of the island nation of Tesaria. A shared dream has begun to torment people, and a dangerous magic rampages across the land. After surviving a tragedy, a young man, Jeren Dekembri, son of a village patriarch, and a young woman, Aleas Theel, flee into the lowlands, seeking safety. But there is nowhere to run, for no one can hide from the time of cataclysm that approaches.

Books One and Two available Exclusively through Kindle.

Reviewers have said, "Miller's writing is clear and descriptive without being overcooked...very nice," "well-written and kept my attention," "The plot of this novel moves along well, and the author can write...Miller’s prose is clear and clean; the actual writing, and not only the characters and plot, make the book enjoyable."

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