Ghostwriting Services

Do you have interesting, unique, or meaningful ideas that you dream of turning into a highly readable book that will inspire, motivate, and teach others?

I have the experience and skill to help you realize your dream. I will take your ideas and transform them into a book that you will be proud of. From initial planning to polished, publishable manuscript, I will write, shape, and refine your content with precision and vision. 

I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs, consultants, subject matter experts, and thought leaders become published authors, and I'm ready to help you. Contact me today!

Types of Projects


I work with experts in a variety of fields, including business, health, entertainment, and technology, to create nonfiction books that can be shopped to publishers or self-published by the client. I am also available to help with memoirs and autobiographies.


The Process


Some clients have only an idea for a book. Others have written a few pages, created a rough draft or outline, or jotted down some ideas. Through telephone interviews and emails and a collaborative writing and rewriting process, I produce a polished, publishable manuscript that reflects the client's voice and vision. I do not attach my name to the finished manuscript unless requested by the client.


Ghostwriter Rates


For nonfiction books, I charge a flat fee and provide a contract stating exactly what I will write, along with a revision schedule so you can plan accordingly. For books of 100 to 250 pages, my upfront fee is $10,000. For books that are much shorter or longer, the fee is negotiable. If you're unfamiliar with ghostwriting, my rate might seem high, but I am actually quite affordable in the marketplace. Bear in mind, ghostwriting a book requires a high level of expertise and can take hundreds, even thousands of hours. Consequently, it's never a good idea to hire a cheap ghostwriter. 


I am always available to clients to answer questions, address concerns, and brainstorm ideas. Although I don't do marketing or publishing, I often provide advice to clients free of charge after delivering the polished manuscript. 


Client Confidentiality


I provide my clients with the utmost confidentiality, so I never share details of specific ghostwriting projects. However, samples of my writing are available upon request. 


What My Clients Have Said


"I really hope we can work together again. I will continue to thank you for the life of this book! I couldn't have done it without you."

--Author of #1 Best Seller (Internet)


"I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for your great help in making my book become a reality."

--Author of #1 Best Seller (Business Consulting) 


To request ghostwriting services or for more information, contact me at jeffaaronmiller (no spaces) and I will get back to you within two business days. Thanks! Find me on Facebook HERE!