Young Adult Novels

In a tiny Arkansas town, a young girl named Mary Lanham finds herself at the heart of an unfolding mystery. Her elderly father is hiding an artifact of great power, and dangerous people have come looking for it. Suddenly, Mary's ordinary, and rather boring, life is turned upside down. An ancient evil is awakened, and she finds herself in great peril.

"You will lose friends and family, you will lose everyone you've ever cared about." In the thrilling sequel to Mary of the Aether, Mary Lanham finds herself under relentless assault by her enemies, the Lookers. Her powers will be tested to the breaking point, as the Lookers wage a campaign of terror in the tiny town of Chesset, Arkansas. 

After the events of Mary of the Aether and Mary of Shadows, Mary Lanham is on the run, desperate to stay one step ahead of the terrible Devourers who pursue her by the dark of night. Meanwhile, back in Chesset, her friends find themselves under attack by Lookers who want to use them as bait to draw Mary home.

The epic conclusion to the story that began with Mary of the Aether. One enemy remains, a creature more devious, cunning and cruel than any Devourer. Mary will face this enemy in a last world-shattering battle that will change the fate of universes. But it is a battle like no other against an evil force greater than anything Mary has ever known. 

It’s the summer of 1991, and the whole world is falling apart. In the forest behind Tuxedo Trailer Park, young Navin Noe finds a mysterious object hidden inside a hollow tree. As the object unravels, it dredges up old tragedies and dark memories, transforming some of the residents of the trailer park and threatening the whole town. 

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Science Fiction Novels

David Morr runs away from an unhappy home to join a traveling circus, but the world is full of sickness, and life on the road is fraught with peril. Soon, the performers find themselves fighting for their lives, as plague and madness and tyranny collide in a brutal struggle for survival. 

Joe Mund has memories of a place he’s never been, a beautiful city called Verum set against the backdrop of a lush green forest. For years, he has sought this place. At last, his journey has brought him to Tockland, where dangerous, plague-ridden scadglings roam the dusty landscape. 

Young slaves live and work in the bowels of a massive, mysterious factory, watched over by cruel robots. They live and die without ever seeing the world outside of their own working rooms, never understanding the nature of the factory or the purpose of their suffering. But one day a door opens where no door should be.

Fantasy Novels

A shared dream has begun to torment the people of the island nation of Tesaria, causing wide-spread fear and madness. As the dream intensifies, Jeren and Aleas find themselves at the mercy of a dark magic, struggling desperately to survive. Soon, all things will be revealed, and all beings will face the consequences of an ancient war.

The garden on Haven Ridge is the last bastion of green and growing things in a world turned to dust. One day, an army of a thousand men marches out of the desert and lays claim to the garden, capturing the few people who live there. It falls to a young woman named Adhi to find the heart of the garden, where a magic exists that might save it.

The first volume of The Archaust Saga. A malevolent presence dwells in the vale below the town of Siliven, and only the relic wall of the prophet Cabrien keeps it at bay. When a local girl, Annella Fenn, learns that her cousin has crossed the relic wall and entered the vale, her curiosity compels her to investigate. In the process, she inadvertently sets in motion events that put the whole town in danger. 

The second volume of The Archaust Saga. Annella Fenn sets off across the kingdom to confront the evil creature called Vyshe, but an unfortunate meeting with King Eithan causes events to spiral out of control. The relentless plans of Vyshe unfold in the town of Siliven, and the local priest Enari finds himself an unwillingly pawn in an evil game. All things lead to a decisive showdown that will determine the fate of many souls.

The third volume of The Archaust Saga. A desperate act of revenge unleashes a new and more terrible evil upon the Last Realm of Cabrien. Annella Fenn finds herself outmatched as she tries desperately to defend the people of Siliven from a relentless and compassionless enemy. Even the protection of the prophet might not be enough to save the kingdom, as cities fall one by one.

Looking for a quick read? Check out these short stories by Jeffrey Aaron Miller. You'll find tales of mystery, magic, mayhem, and suspense. These stories appeared in a number of magazines, but they have now been collected at Vocal.

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