The Archaust Saga - Paranormal Fantasy

The Vale of Ghosts

The Archaust Saga Book One


A malevolent presence dwells in the vale below the town of Siliven, and only the relic wall of the prophet Cabrien keeps it at bay. When a local girl, Annella Fenn, learns that her cousin has crossed the relic wall and entered the vale, her curiosity compels her to investigate. In the process, she inadvertently sets in motion events that put the whole town in danger. Now, she works feverishly to undo the damage, but she is dealing with an ancient magic that is far more powerful than she realizes, and the fate of the whole kingdom hangs in the balance.

The first book of an epic series by author Jeffrey Aaron Miller!


Available for KINDLE and in Paperback!


Now on Audiobook!


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"When you find yourself grimacing, gasping and needing to look away so you can gather yourself before continuing, you know you've found a good read....well-written and wildly captivating!"
                                                                   --Review by author and blogger S.J. Pierce

Army of the Inner Eye

The Archaust Saga Book Two


The epic story of The Archaust Saga continues. Imbued with the prophet's strength and protection, Annella Fenn sets off across the kingdom to confront the evil creature called Vyshe. But an unfortunate meeting with King Eithan causes events to spiral out of control, and many people turn against her. Meanwhile, the relentless plans of Vyshe unfold in the town of Siliven, and the local priest Enari finds himself an unwillingly pawn in an evil game. All things lead to a decisive showdown that will determine the fate of many souls.


The second book of an epic series by author Jeffrey Aaron Miller!


Available for KINDLE and in Paperback!






Giants of the Star-Sea

The Archaust Saga Book Three



The most intense and exciting volume of

The Archaust Saga! A desperate act of revenge unleashes a new and more terrible evil upon the Last Realm of Cabrien. Annella Fenn finds herself outmatched as she tries desperately to defend the people of Siliven from a relentless and compassionless enemy. In the process, she learns much about the prophet and the origin of Vyshe, but this knowledge comes at a heavy price. Even the protection of the prophet might not be enough to save the kingdom, as cities fall one by one.  


The third book of an epic series by author Jeffrey Aaron Miller!



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